Custom webpage designs for non profits and 

private personal sites.

No Hassle flat fee payable once per year


Have you ever wished you had

a web page of your own?



One that reflects your interests?

But you didn't go ahead with your idea because of the high cost that it takes to get one up and running?



 Well now you can get a custom designed web page built, posted and maintained at a very affordable price. At Redfork Custom Graphic's and Web Page Designs, you can afford a small, simple, budget friendly web page or a large elaborate one! 



What ever your needs, hobby, family photo's or vacation photos, we can help you achieve your dreams of your own personal, hobby or small business web page with our low cost designs.




Your New Web Page



   Redfork Custom Graphic's and Web Page Designs is a low cost, budget friendly place where you can get a simple, custom deigned web page at a very low cost. Most web designers charge $500 to $1000 for a basic web page. The more complex the page the higher the cost is.



  How much does Redfork Custom Graphic's and Web Page Designs charge to build a web page?



   At Redfork Custom Graphic's and Web Page Designs we charge a flat rate of $200 for the first page and $50 for each additional page.  There is a one time set-up fee of $50.00.



When must I pay

for my new web page?



    Web Page Design must be paid for at the time of order.  $200 for the first page plus $50 each additional page, plus a $50  one time setup fee. 

 This cost must be paid up front.

   A charge of $40 per month, pro-rated for which ever month start up is, must be paid up front through November of the current year.  One full year for the next year's server space and domain registration starting in November of current year and running through November of thefollowing year must be paid annually a full year in advance after that.  If you own your own Domain Space already, this charge can be waived.

   A one month notification will be given for renewal, Payable by November 1st, those not renewing with another full year paid in advance will be dropped on  November 31st.



    Web designs are the property of Redfork Custom Graphic's and Web Page Designs and cannot be copied or used by others without expressed permission.


What we offer


Domain Name

   A name for your website. 

We will work together to come up with a Internet address that is available and relates to your particular needs.



Web Hosting

   A place online (called a server) where your website files are stored.  We use a standard small business page server that has competitive pricing. 


A Website Designer

   Redfork Custom Graphic's and Web Page Designs can create a website for you based on your unique needs. If cost is an issue, we can design a simple page that will not put you in the poor house.



Design Cost


   Cost varies per project and complexity,  a basic web page design is $200 for the first page, $50 each additional page.



Site Maintenance


   Monthly updating of your page

This cost is a flat rate, pricing starts at $40 per month.

Custom Logoís and Graphic's


   Custom Artwork and Logoís

can be created for extra costís. Please keep in

mind these Logoís cannot be created

overnight  and can be costly to create.



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